• Youth Services System

Wheeling Country Day Second Graders Honor MLK Through Service

On January 20th, the Second Grade Class from Wheeling Country Day School came to Youth Services System to create care packages for the guests in our Winter Freeze Shelter. They were accompanied by their teachers and parents who joined in on the project as well.

When the kids arrived, they were eager to learn more about the Shelter and the people who stay there. One student asked, "Why can't the guest stay at the Shelter during the day, and where do most of them go?" AmeriCorps VISTA Caryce McGurn explained to the kids that, "The building is used as our offices during the day time, but there are several other places that the residents can go during the day, such as Catholic Charities and the Soup Kitchen." It was impressive to see that these youth cared so much about these individuals whom they have never met.

After asking a series of questions, the second graders began to pack bags with shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and other hygiene products, along with the decorated cards they made for each package. There were more packages than students, so each kid was able to assemble 3 bags for the residents. The class was excited that they were able to make multiple bags and contribute more than expected.

Once the bags were assembled, the class was taken on a tour of the shelter, where they were able to set a care package on each bed. At one point, the students were asked to stop and stand next to the bed they had just set a bag on. The kids wore a proud expression on their face, showing that they understood to some extent the kindness they were sharing.

This was such an important opportunity for these students to learn and better understand their neighbors around them, and see how much impact a small act of kindness has on the community.