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The story composed by one of our residents in our Transitional Living Program continues...

Chapter 2: The Trainer

Andy woke up to get ready to go to church the next day and he said to himself not to do anything today to expose my secret to the whole congregation in the church house. Andy rushed to get ready and then rushed downstairs to the car so his parents wouldn't see him and ask him any questions about what happened last night. They went to the church house and when they went in Andy saw Grayson a couple rows in front and with that Andy went crazy because whenever he sees or thinks about Grayson things bad happen to him so he hid behind his mother so he wouldn't throw Grayson against a building again.

In the middle of the service Andy started to float in the air his mother had to pull him back down so no one would notice him floating in the air. To stop him from doing it again his mom took out a sleep pill and gave him some water and in an instant he fell asleep or sort of out of nowhere he woke up and "his father asked" his wife if she didn't put Andy to sleep and "she said" yes but "Andy's father told" her to look again but she couldn't look again because Andy was gone and then she looked again and Andy was floating over her head for no one to notice him he turned invisible, his parents pulled him down after service and took him outside. Grayson got up and followed then even though Andy is invisible he could here Grayson’s footsteps and with that Andy reappeared and he walked toward Grayson and "Andy asked" him didn't I deal with you already, "Andy said" I guess you want to be thrown into a building again. "Grayson said" no Andy I wanted to tell you I'm sorry for trying to kill you. "Andy said" listen Grayson I don't know what kind of game you’re playing but if you think I'm going to forgive you I'm not. "Grayson said" Andy I know you’re not going to forgive me but I know what you’re going through I can help you control your powers if you let me. "Andy said" I will let you teach me under one condition, if you or your sister try to kill me your both going to end up in the hospital. "Andy said" do we have a deal Grayson, "Grayson said" yes Andy we have a deal that me or my sister will not try to kill you or we will both end up in the hospital. "Andy said" I will see you whenever I get a strange feeling or I get a new power, have a nice day Grayson.

"Andy said" okay mom and dad lets go home, Andy's mom called him and "Andy answered" yes mom why you didn't you tell me and your father that you got your powers, "Andy said" what powers I don't know what you’re talking about "Andy's mom said" save it Andy we know now you don't have to hide it from us anymore. "Andy said" wait mom what do you mean by I finally got my powers "Andy's mom said" because I had powers too but I had to give them away when I married your father. "Andy's mom said" I thought you were going to get them when you were thirteen but I guess it’s time to show us what you got and by the way Andy one of your friends have them to. "Andy asked" which one of them have them mom. "Andy mom answered" Amber Greyson has powers as well but she doesn't know yet like I said you weren’t supposed to have powers until you were thirteen. "Andy's mom asked" so when are you going to ask Grayson for his help Andy, "Andy said" I'm going to ask for his help when I get a new power. "Andy told" his mom so thanks for this talk I will see you tomorrow morning.