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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

A fourteen year old boy was walking through the woods when he was

kidnapped by a mysterious women. Even though he was kidnapped by the

mysterious women she treated him like her own child even though he was a

little bit annoying. She did everything for him until one day he found out a

way to escape her house. He left a note saying that you treated me very

well, but I need to go back to my family because they are worried sick about

me so do not come looking for me because I'm with my family. But she

didn't listen to him, so she went to the hall of records to find out what his

name was and where he lived, she found what his name was and where he

lived. His name is Andy Granger and he lives in Georgia, Manhattan and he

lives on 160 Broad Street Rd. When she got the information she needed she

went straight to his house to get him, but when she went in the house the

cops were waiting for her inside, "she asked" him if he called the police on

her "he said" no and "she said" they’re here right now so that means you did

call the police on me. "Andy answered" no they are here because they saw

you looking at my records in the hall of records so they got here before you

can try to take me from my family again. "Andy said", Your trial will be

tomorrow to see how long you'll be in jail, so I will see you tomorrow in


When the next day came around they went to the courthouse to find out

why the women went to the hall of records to find out what Andy's name

was and where he lived. "She said" that she was trying to find her missing

child. "The judge said" if this is your child what is your name and when was

he born. She said my name is Nancy Cunningham and "she said" Andy was

born on March 8, 2005. "The judge said" I'm sorry Nancy but you’re wrong

because Andy was born on November, 1 , 2001. "The judge asked" Andy

will you come up to the stand and tell me why Nancy wanted to know what

your name was and where you live.

Andy said she wanted to know what my name was and where I lived

because I was walking through the woods on Thursday, and Nancy came out

of the woods and tied me up and through me in the back of her car and she

took me home and she is saying that she treated me like her own but by

kidnapping me do you really think that is treating me like her own do you

really believe her so whatever you decide don't let her do it again. "The

judge said" that she would be in jail for fifteen years and she will be on

probation for three years. After court Andy was heading toward the car with

his family but what he didn't realize that someone was watching him from

the court house. The person who was watching him was Nancy's brother

Grayson. "He mumbled" that if he see him again that he would get his

revenge on him for putting his sister in jail.

"Andy told" his mom to wait because he needed to get something from

the courthouse and he headed toward Grayson and "Andy told" him if you

try anything to hurt me I will put you in jail so you can see her every day

and with that Andy walked away from him. Before Grayson could even touch

Andy, Grayson went flying into the nearest building and Andy walked away

like what just happened and he went back to the car where his parents were

waiting in the car for him and his parents saw the man that flew into the

building walking down the sidewalk and his parents asked him what had

happened "Andy said" he doesn't know so they went home and Andy went

straight to his room to try to figure out what had just happened.

When Andy sat to his computer he got a little shock from it he was

wondering where it came from and when he looked down there were a little

bit of electricity coming from his fingers he went crazy wondering what was

going on. The next day came around the corner and it got even crazier when

he woke up he couldn't see himself even though he screamed his parents

would hear him but they wouldn't see him so after a few minutes his parents

came running upstairs, his mom called her son and out of nowhere Andy

appeared from behind his mother, "she asked" why were you screaming

"Andy said" he was screaming because when I woke up I was not there

visibly "his mom asked" what do you mean you weren’t there visibly "Andy

said" what I mean is that I was invisible. "His mother asked" how did you

turn invisible and yet again Andy turned invisible and he reappeared behind

his father and when his mother and father realized what has just happened

they fainted a few minutes later they woke up and "they asked" him what

had happened and they asked why they were lying on the floor and "Andy

said" that nothing happened. When Andy's parents left "Andy said" why am I

keeping this away from my own parents they have to know what’s going on

but I can't because if I do they will think I'm going crazy and they might

think I need to go to the hospital for a checkup.

The Immortal Child was written by a youth in our Transitional Living Program.