• Youth Services System

COVID-19 Targets the Homeless

Our homeless community is among the most vulnerable populations, and are at severe risk for contracting the COVID-19 virus. Many suffer from the lack of nutrition and proper self-care to fight against the illness. The local soup kitchen will continue to cook meals for individuals and families to take on the go. Other organizations that serve the homeless population will be continuing services, but with modified hours and operations.

On March 15, Youth Services System closed the doors to the annual Winter Freeze Shelter. We were able to pass out tents, tarps, and sleeping bags to our guests to provide some shelter and safety during this time. Our staff is working effortlessly to provide individuals and families with permanent housing and seeking other options to provide safety and security to this community.

Street Moms will continue to serve the community in full force during this pandemic. They are currently collecting and handing out essential items to homeless individuals so that they may improve their overall health. Their group has partnered with the House of Hagar to set up a quarantine house for any individuals who feel like they are or have fallen ill.

Project hope continues to provide daily street medicine to the individuals living on the streets and under bridges. They walk the neighborhood searching for anyone in need and treating any illnesses and injuries they can. They follow up with several people they treat and provide ongoing medical intervention when possible.