• Youth Services System

A Sheltered Christmas

Christmas for most means spending time with loved ones, opening presents, and enjoying the holiday cheer. Its a season of joy and magic that brings everyone close together. This is the kind of Christmas that the youth in our shelters dream about every day. Each of them come from a different background, but they all still desire to feel love and compassion during the holiday season. Currently in our emergency shelter, we have a 14 year old boy who lost his dad before birth and his mom a year and a half ago to cancer. He was brought to our shelter and immediately touched the hearts of several employees. He was staying with his grandmother for a brief period after his mom passed, but she could not provide the care he needed, so he ended up in our shelter. This young boy is now surrounded by strangers, unsure of who to trust or where to turn. Our shelters host a Christmas party for our kids, but that doesn't amount to the time spent with close family members. Soon he will leave our emergency shelter and begin the process of finding a more permanent residence. Our only hope is that he enters into a warm, loving, healthy environment that can provide him with the care and hope that he deserves; a place to spend Christmas for many years to come.