Transitional Living Program

Youth Services System works with youth ages 17-21 to build life skills, further education, and attain employment to become successful independent adults in the community. Our Transitional Living Program began to with youth aging out of foster care in 1981. Our services offer support, training and housing at our Tuel Transitional Living Training Center in New Martinsville and at the McCrary Center in Wheeling.


Sober Living

Lazarus House and Mary & Martha House are sober living homes available to addicts coming out of a recovery program. The homes are gender specific; Lazarus House serving men 18 and older, and Mary & Martha House serving women of the same age. These homes are not treatment facilities, but will assist it's residents through local treatment services. All residents are expected to compete chores, follow direction, attend 12-step meetings or similar support groups, and abstain from illicit drug use.

There is a screening process prior to admission, even for those who show up at the door step, but no one is left without some kind of help. 

Emergency Shelters

Youth Services System has provided emergency youth shelter and services since our founding in 1974. Working with youth improves the future well-being of families through provision of needed services. Utilizing CAPS (Comprehensive Assessment and Planning System) assessments and other available tools allows Samaritan House (a 12-bed facility for boys ages 8-18) and Helinski Shelter (an 18-bed facility for girls of the same ages) to be cornerstones for care and treatment. 

Ronald C. Mulholland Juvenile Center

The Ronald C. Mulholland Center is a secure facility serving pre-adjudicated youth and youth committed to the Division of Juvenile Services for treatment and rehabilitation. Both programs incorporate a Behavioral Modification Phase System with individualized service plans developed for each youth focusing on strengths and needs. In addition, YSS, Inc. will have the first substance abuse treatment unit in the state juvenile detention system. This will provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment up to 14 adolescent females aged 14-21.

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